Dynasty League 19'

I am looking to take the next step and get involved in a Dynasty league heading into next year. Does anyone know where the best place to find a reliable league is? I typically play with buddies and have a few leagues I play in over the past decade, but I don’t think any of them are that serious that they would want to play in a Dynasty format. If anyone has any openings i’d be interested.

I’d also be willing to be the commissioner of a league. Just need at least 9 other committed people.


Ima check in on this to see what kind of response you get, as i’m interested in trying a dynasty league as well.

The thing about dynasty though is it’s a big commitment, multiple years required!

Exactly. Its a big commitment but I feel that it would be fun. Like I said, i’d be willing to run a dynasty league for the Footclan. If we get 8 others who would be committed and interested i’ll be the commissioner and come up with the rules/draft/etc. Just need more interest. Hopefully a few others are interested as well.