Dynasty league 2019

Hey Guys,

Long time listener and Fantasy Football player! I’m looking to join or start a dynasty league this year with a small buy in. Preferably no kicker and .5 PPR. Feel free to send me an invite or co-organize one with me! bradk129@hotmail.com

im in one with autodrafted teams and people got to choose teams, there are 3 left in a 16 team standard kicker league its https://slpr.link/LRqK6kQkBXab if you want

Thanks for the invite but I dont think I am into kickers and autodrafting

@bradk129 you would be a great owner for our league. Check it out! https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/t/startup-5-ppr-dynasty-league-12-active-owners-wanted/106667/3

All good dude

Hey @kpdrake, it won’t let me join because I’m not currently a Footclan member, so I don’t have access to the thread. Can you email me a link to the Dynasty league itself - Bradk129@hotmail.com ? Thanks!

I’ve got an opening in two leagues. One is established and you’d take over an orphan. The other league is a new startup. They have $25 buy-ins and are .5 PPR. My email is dewittzd@gmail.com if you’re interested.