Dynasty League 2021

Hey fellas, joining a Superflex PPR Dynasty League and it’s my first time doing dynasty, and this format.
Could you shed some of your expertise, tips, and tricks I should know for drafting this weekend?

Thank you!

I’ve only done one startup superflex draft and that was two years ago. Looking back on the start-up draft, people who got older QBs got insane value. Tom Brady was double digits. Ryan Tannehill was borderline undrafted. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Derek Carr were drafted really late and are still useful assets. You need at least 3 startable QBs (assuming 12 team) so you can stream from your roster since there will be ZERO QBs on waivers. If you leave with more than that, people will definitely trade for them. Players that I think will fall, but should still have a few years of value are Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins. Matt Stafford and Ryan Tannehill are going to be solid, but will probably go later than they should because they’re older.

The other category of players that were steals were high draft capital rookie WRs (but not first rounders) going to terrible QBs/offenses or going to a good offense, but buried on the depth chart. Examples in our draft of those types of players were Terry McLaurin and Diontae Johnson (jury is out still on DJ Chark). Dynasty is a marathon and teams will improve/change. I believe players that fit in this bucket are Nico Collins and Josh Palmer.

I would try to emphasize WRs and QBs as they have very long shelf lives. I was lucky and hit with both Aaron Jones and David Montgomery. People who drafted CMC, Zeke, and Kamara are probably happy. But, the hit rate on the first 4 rounds of RBs was about 50% of GMs being happy with their picks. People who picked Gurley, Lev Bell, David Johnson, Damien Williams, Kerryon Johnson, Devanta Freeman are really hurting now as these players are either out of the league or barely startable. The hit rate on WRs was probably close to 90% in our league. Even someone like Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, or Juju (who I consider a misses) are at least serviceable. Hit rate on early QBs was pretty high as well. DeShaun Watson is a bit of an aberration (and might still be fine).

Good luck!

Wow awesome info!

Thanks for the reply @draftwithfriends :pray::cowboy_hat_face:

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