Dynasty League Anyone?

Hello everyone,
Die hard fantasy football fan looking for a dynasty league to join.
Preferably it would be a new league, but I can also take over a team if there are openings of that sort.

Thanks for reading y’all and lemme know if anyone’s got an opening.


I have been commissioning a ReDraft league for about 4 years now and I’m looking to make the jump into Dynasty. I will be running this as a Ballers Prefered Scoring. I am open to the means of communication whether it be a slack channel or some other means of messenger app. This will be run through ESPN and using the Ballers Spread Sheet they supply for the off season. Would like to run as a 10 team league but if the interest is there I would be open to increasing to 12. Any other questions or concerns can be discussed upon the leagues group chat creation. There will be no entry fee. I want this to be a fun, free, dedicated league


Both the Veteran Draft and Rookie Draft will take place after the NFL Draft. The Veteran Draft will be random order with the Rookie Draft being the reverse order of the Veteran Draft. Both will be a snake draft

If this interests you let me know

Hey man,

I am definetly interested. How many members do you have right now?

Is I.T half point scoring?


Yes it would be half point scoring and as of right now I believe I have 5 or 6

I would for sure be down. Just make sure that the people in it are gonna stay committed!
Sounds great though for sure put me down as in!


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send me your email, some of the members in this startup are in one of my keeper leagues that are very committed

my email is kaiveitinger2021@u.northwestern.edu

My new dynasty startup needs one more person. Send me your email if interested and I’ll invite you.

Hey can you send me some info about the league?

Price, rosters, draft type, scoring etc



28 Roster
Snake Draft
.5 PPR
1 pt per rush/receiving yards. (Decimal)
1 pt per 20 pass yards (Decimal)
4 PT Passing TD
6 PT Rushing/Receiving TD
1 QB
2 RB
2 Flex
1 TE

Buy in optional based on league survey.
Draft type (Dual or Veteran then Rookie) based on league survey.

my email is kaiveitinger2021@u.northwestern.edu

Any spots still open?

I’m interested in a startup dynasty league if there is still space! Send me the information Sean.edmonds89@gmail.com

I would interested if you still had room! My email is crothrock16@gmail.com.

Hey, I’m super interested if there is still room pdups01@yahoo.com

Hey, I’m interested if there are still spots open

I’m down to play! Very committed. Brookhilton@msn.com

Hey I would be interested in joining if there are still spaces available: samirprinja@yahoo.com

I’m definitely interested… it’ll be my first dynasty.

I’m interested as well!