Dynasty League blockbuster trade question

Which side won the trade? Dynasty League half point PPR.

Side A received:
L. Bell
W. Snead
Rishard Matthews
1st Round pick 2018 draft


Side B:
M. Thomas
D. Freeman
T. West
5th Round draft pick 2018

Side A wins by a bit. It isn’t terribly lopsided and Side B gets a potential WR 1 for a long time, but Lev Bell and Snead are better than M. Thomas and Freeman.

If the draft picks were reversed, it would be better.

Well I am side A. I did have a hard time accepting this trade but for Lev Bell and a 1st round pick I HAD to do it

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Good trade. You should feel confident that you improved your squad.

Thank you! He revealed to me afterwards he think Bell will hold out but it’s a Dynasty league so I’m not really worried about that. Just in case I grabbed his haaaaandcuffffff. Lol

It’s close but A