Dynasty league concern

This past season was my first year doing dynasty and it was a start up league. Recently we had a guy drop out of the league and then the commissioner has made some seriously questionable trades and we don’t get to veto trades in this league for example his recent trade was receiving Kerryon Johnson and the #1 overall pick in the rookie draft for Derek Carr. When I asked him about the trade he just said the guy didn’t like Johnson and wanted a 4th qb for our 2 qb league. With a guy already dropping out and a trades like this happening should I just leave it or try bringing on a mutiny?

Have you spoken to the commishes trade partner? Can you verify the story?

I would start by saying “Man I would have given you so much more for Johnson and the 1.01! What’s the deal?”

Don’t ever feel locked into a league. Fantasy is supposed to be fun. And it stops - than change. (Obviously do it in a curious way. This doesn’t mean ghost.)