Dynasty League Draft advice

Hey Footclan

I need some advice. I have played fantasy for just over ten years on your standard re draft leagues. This year i have signed up to a dynasty league. I normally have a set drafting pick for each position. So something along the lines of RB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,RB,WR,QB,K,Def. This has normally had a decent result each year normally top 6 and a couple of wins.

Question is should i draft my dynasty roughly the same as my re draft leagues. I understand the age of players etc but i feel maybe i need to adjust my picks.

Any thoughts?

My first suggestion would be to NOT lock in a specific position for your draft rounds. Use tier based drafting instead as it will help you find the best value at the position/draft pick.

In dynasty leagues, age does play somewhat of a factor, but I’m more of the “win this year” mentality. If a stud guy who may be old falls to you and is going to help you win a title, then I’d draft him. I pretty much only use age as a tie-breaker when torn between two guys. Guys with very little time in the NFL left obviously suffer (Drew Brees, Tom Brady etc) so in that regard I’d prob steer clear of spending a valuable pick on one.


Totally agree with @PapaJosh

One you try tier based drafting you’ll never look back!


Thanks guys much appreciated. Iv never done tier based draft. I’ll look that up now. Thanks again

Agreed with everyone above. It’s good to have a plan but if you take an RB3 over a WR2 because it fit the model, you’re wasting potential up trade later in the season to get a postion you may need to fill.


Agree - do not lock yourself into a set position for a given pick.
Also - the starting roster will make a difference too, how many WR/Rb/Flex do you start? Superflex? If it is PPR that may lean more on the WR than RB in some draft spots.

@brad_ploof thanks mate. The starting line up is qb, rb, rb, WR, WR, WR, TE, TE, K and for defense is DL, DL, 3x LB and 3xDB

With 16 bench spot and 2 IR

10 person league