Dynasty league entering 9th season. Need two active owners

I have two open spots in a 12 man dynasty league. It’s been going on 9 years. Rosters are very competitive. In fact, one of the teams placed 2nd and the other 5th overall last year. Email me if interested and I’ll send you a copy of our bylaws as well as the team rosters available. kscpsu1@comcast.net

Buy in is $60/season and includes a ring/trophy along with payouts.

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Are you still looking for owners?

I’d like to take a look and see if I’d be interested. Thanks!


If the spots are not filled I would love to join my first dynasty league been doing redraft for years my email is coreyjohn@gmail.com

If you haven’t filled already I might be interested. sdubberly421@gmail.com

I am interested if not filled. Whtsagenk@gmail.com

I would like to join this as it sounds very competitive and active. Sleeper is jayblitzburgh