Dynasty League Fournette Trade

Was offered the trade below

Give up: Fournette
Receive : Mixon and the 1.11 pick

The guy I’m trading with also has the 1.08. If i were to counter for the 1.08 does this move in my favor?

I’d probably want both firsts

Both firsts and Mixon?

Yes, at a minimum. I love Mixon’s upside, but for now it’s theoretical. We know Fornetter is a stud.

I want to package Devante Parker with this because i think he’s done. Do you think it’s too much to ask for Mixon both firsts and Edelman?

I usually try and avoid complicating trades like that. Turns people off and hard to evaluate value. Also Parker is probably still at a low. I don’t like him at all so if you could pull the trade off, I guess. But if you’re looking for a young team, doesn’t hurt to hold parker for one more year to see what he does. This year is his best shot at doing anything. If he still sucks, probably cut ties.

Does it change anything that this league is a full PPR?