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Dynasty League help/setup


Hey fellow ballers! I’m the commissioner of a new Dynasty League and I could use some help with the setup. 12 team half point PPR. I need to know things I should do that would be Dynasty League specific. Should I have a trade deadline? Should I lock eliminated teams when it is playoff time? What about a FAAB system? I would really love to hear from anyone who is an experienced Dynasty League player. Altgough im a veteran of fantasy football this is my first Dynasty League. Thank you fellow ballers for any and all advice and support you provide :slight_smile:


Hello there. This won’t answer all of your questions but you’ll have access since you’re a Footclan member: Ballers’ Preferred Dynasty League Rosters

You can also post this question specifically in that Dynasty feed available in the Footclan Community Forums section if you don’t get enough feedback here.


Thank you so much! Love the show! Keep up the amazing work! :slight_smile:


Thank YOU so much. They answered your Q on the Footcast today too :thumbsup:


Fantastic! Thanks again!