Dynasty League: How to handle IR in off-season?

Hi all,

I started a dynasty league last season, this is my first off-season in a dynasty league, not just as a commissioner, but as a player in general.

We have 2 IR spots, player must be OUT, D, or IR to be placed. During the season a lineup cannot be submitted if a team has a healthy player on IR.

Most teams are using both IR spots. However, several of those injured players are no longer injured, or just listed as questionable.

Our rosters will expand by 5 spots during the off-season once the Rookie draft begins.

My first thought is to require the IR’s to be fixed/valid right before the rookie draft, when the rosters expand.

My second thought is to leave it be. However my concern is that this creates an unfair advantage, essentially two extra roster spots for teams who happened to have injured players at the end of last season.

Has anyone run into this issue before?

What have your leagues done with off-season IR in the past?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

I always use it to my advantage by dropping my bench players for fantasy studs floating around on IR. If someone had Rodgers, DJ, Cook, and OBJ on their team but only two IR spots then I’ll swoop in and pick up the leftovers.