Dynasty League - How to handle

I am in a 12 team 0.5 PPR leagues. I having a tough time with the dynamics of a Dynasty League as this is my first. For example, players like A. Collins or C. Hyde have no value rest of season, but do you hold them in hopes they land in better spots next off-season or just cut bait on them now and load up on rookies this year that have potential to breakout next year?

As a playoff team, i am really light at running back after losing essentially 2 startable assets along with M. Jones Jr and this week E. Sanders. I just don’t see a way to a title and with the trade deadline passed and both IR spots occupied was just looking to make some good moves for next year. There is literally nothing on waivers to work with due to the super deep benches.

I’d probably keep Collins and Hyde depending how many slots your league allows. If there’s no shot at this year then yeah keep an eye out for breakouts that you can pick up and stash for next year.

i don’t see it. One guy trade like 2 years worth of picks and is totally loaded…