Dynasty league keeper confirmation

Hello there!
In a 16 man, half-ppr dynasty league with 6 keepers (lineup is 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX with TE) I have a pretty decent team (at least so far) but I am having a headache deciding on the final keepers. My roster is:

Dak Prescott
Matt Ryan
Christian McCaffrey
Derrick Henry
Mike Davis
Gus Edwards
Michael Thomas
Michael Gallup
Greg Ward
Mecole Hardman
Alshon Jeffery (yikes)
Logan Thomas
Tylar Higbee

(And Steelers D)

Obviously I am keeping CMC and Henry, as well as Michael Thomas. Following that, for the 3 remaining keepers I was thinking either Prescott, Davis and Logan Thomas or Prescott, Davis and Hardman.

Also I am picking 9th in the draft so I will most likely not be able to get guys like Najee Harris, JaMarr Chase or Jaylen Waddle. I will have to go pretty much with straight WR picks.

So, give me your wisdom!

I’d keep…