Dynasty League needs 1 owner - SuperFlex, TE Premium

Need a replacement for someone who had to quit as a result of Covid. This is a very active league and has a great set of owners. Open team has a good roster. Picks included are 1.03, 2.03, 3.03, 4.03, 5.03.

League Home - Fantasy Football: E-lemon-ator Dynasty

Payouts are: Money is held by League Safe and will be distributed according to League Safe in the following manner:

  • Total money collected – $75 x 12 owners - $900 - League fee for MFL $70 = $830 Remainder
  • The team with the Weekly High Score receives $10 per week for 17 weeks. 6 Teams in the playoffs will be excluded from winning this payout during playoffs weeks 14 – 16.
  • Teams eliminated from the playoffs only become eligible for the Weekly High Score payout the week AFTER they were eliminated.
  • Champion receives $425
  • League Runner-Up receives $160
  • League 3rd Place receives $75
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I’m interested. My sleeper username is TheRealMcSpanky

It is not on sleeper…MFL.so I would need your email if you want an invite

Are you still interested in joining the league?

Bump… Still looking for 1 owner for SuperFlex, TE Premium.

I’m interested, what platform is it in?

It is MFL. However, the spot was just filled last night. I will let you know if I need another. Thank you.