Dynasty league on Sleeper - 2 Europeans, 3 North Americans needed

12 team dynasty league with two divisions on Sleeper.

One entitled European and another entitled North American. The idea is that we are 4 friends who all live in Europe/from Europe. We need another 8 players to play so we have created a European and a North American division in order to recruit an additional 8 players. I currently have found 3 friends from USA to play so we currently are 7. The UK people all play in another league for no money but have got tired of inactive owners;

We will be using [teamstake.com to collect the 20 dollars/15 pounds. League Safe, from what I understand, doesn’t offer European card payments. Winner gets 150 dollars, 2nd 70 dollars and 3rd gets their money back. The money isn’t important really, we just want to make sure we get active owners playing.

We are not that experienced and are all from the UK but have fallen in love with the sport over the last 4 to 5 years and this is just meant to be a bit of fun.

4 team playoffs, top 2 of each division go to playoffs in week 15 and 16. Roster is 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX, 1TE, 1DST with 17 players on bench. No kickers. Draft would be slow with 8 hours for a pick to take into account the different time zones and would start as soon as we are full and everyone has paid.

Please DM me or write your email below if you wish to play. If you can also write where you are from. We are looking for active owners who want a bit of fun. You would need to register with Sleeper first with the link I send you and then when the league is full I will set a deadline to pay your entry fee. I am looking for 2 European owners and 3 North American owners… Obviously this is flexible if we can’t get any more Europeans but I’d ideally like to stick with the geographical divisions.

FYI: A bit about me as Commish: I am a big fan of the fantasy footballers podcast. From the UK but live currently in Latvia. Teach in an international school. Got into American Football about 4/5 years ago randomly via my brother (who will also be in the league).

Hi this sounds interesting. I’ve got into fantasy in last couple of years only redraft up till now. Live in London go to the London games and been to the states twice to watch the Packers. You can email Matthew.goddin@ntlworld.com

Sent you a reply via email Matt

I’m an NA interested in some of these shenanigans.

My sleeper ID is the same as this name (MZags77) if you want to shoot me a link.

I’m interested! From San Diego California


League is full. Thanks!