Dynasty League Oprhan Team

Looking to join a dynasty league, orphan team, preferably a free league. Email is Christopher56white@gmail.com

Got you on our waiting list which will get an email on Thursday to fill holes. First come first serve

is the league full? i dont think i got an email about this

I sent an email to everyone on the waiting list. If you didn’t get one then it’s because you didn’t give me a valid address or you weren’t paying attention. Both leagues are full. Took nearly 60 emails for a whopping 24 spots. Rather sad, I thought the people on this site would be more eager and committed.

instead of being an asshole, you could’ve just said that it is full. Maybe i missed it or never received it at all. Thanks for the judgmental approach, though what could possibly been a mishap on your end as well (who knows) good day brother.

No need to take offense. I announced on this page I would be sending out the wave of emails. I understand if you didn’t get that message or the following email. After the leagues filled up, even I fell off this site for about a month. Nothing was aimed at you directly. I just see about 10 posts a day of people begging to be in a dynasty (and type additional “me too” as well). Yet when the invites get sent, few respond. The people who got in just happened to be the ones who came first. Dedication triumphs.