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Dynasty League playoff question


After starting a 12 team 30 roster spot IDP Dynasty league for the first time I missed setting the playoff format. It is 4 playoff teams, playing 2 week matchups each and… I know… playing in week 17.

I will fix this for next year but I was wanting some advice on how to set up the playoffs.

I was thinking of eliminating divisions, changing the playoff teams to 6 teams, removing week 17 and having the top 2 in the league get a bye week.

How do you roll in your league?

Thanks in advance,

Rusty Monsoooooon.


That’s exactly how our league does it. We had divisions this year, but are eliminating them next year.


This is the way we do it as well, the only thing we allow for is if the team with the most points is out of the playoffs we move him into the 6 spot as a wildcard. If he is already in the playoffs we just go top 6. We also do a consultation bracket for the bottom teams and the winner gets an extra end of 3rd round draft pick. This keeps everyone playing to the end.