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Dynasty League Rules

So in an effort to make my league better, what are some dynasty league rules, settings and ideas you have used that resulted in a better season.

Is this a new league? Are you starting with no documented bylaws or just looking to enhance?

  1. Superflex
  2. Tight end premium.
  3. Tiered PPR.
  4. FAAB bidding for the waiver wire
  5. Rivalry schedules
  6. Extra game against the league median
  7. Predict real NFL happenings for supplemental draft picks
  8. Bigger rosters, starting line ups and benches
  9. Bigger buy-in’s and payouts
  10. Empire rules (percentage of yearly buy-in towards a back-to-back winner pot)
  11. Reset rosters after certain criteria
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Looking to enhance, see what others are doing that i can implement