Dynasty League Seeker! (preferably free)

Hey y’all, like most of you, I have absolutely fallen in love with fantasy football. Although I failed to reach the playoffs this year, this drought has left me hungrier and more anxious than ever to join as many leagues as possible for next year, this includes a dynasty league! As stated previously, I’m one NFL obsessed guy, so engagement/activeness should never be an issue. Because of this, I should also suffice as to being as current and as up-to-date as anyone out there. These two qualities paired with an undeniable love for fantasy sports surely qualifies me as a goldmine for any future/current dynasty league looking to add another owner to their league!

My only specifications would be:

  • To hopefully join a 12 team league.
  • To join a new league or take over a pre-existing owners team.
  • To have a free buy in (be it that this would be my first dynasty league ever)

If I intrigue anyone in regards to this topic, my email is hmorales1904@yahoo.com

Again, I’m looking for a Dynasty League to join as soon as possible, if possible. Thank you!

Side note: if I can get 11 others to willingly join, I myself would be looking to create the league myself. More than likely on yahoo, but open to all suggestions!