Dynasty League Setup Advice

I’m thinking about starting up a dynasty league for myself and some family and friends but I’m wondering what kind of format ; roster size, starters, draft pick trading, etc. If anyone has any tips I would really appreciate it. I want to make sure this dynasty league is a success and would like to get some advice from people who have a successful dynasty league.

I’m working on starting one up too and my leagues plan is to have 2 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 or 2 flex, 1 or 2 at each IDP position with a bench of about 20. maybe even adding in a Devy system where we can pickup college juniors and seniors. everything i have read says pick trading is a must but should be capped at like 2 years out so in 18 you can only trade 19 and 20 draft picks and you have to put something in place to counteract tanking for picks. we’re thinking about using the format where the pick of the none playoff people is determined by the amount of points a team would score if they had started their best lineup during the playoff weeks. This ensures the real worst team gets the best pick rather than whoever tanked at the end of the season the best.

Are you putting a limit on how many of each position a person can draft?

we have not talked about one and i dont think we will limit anything

Biggest thing with a Dynasty is making sure all owners are committed. With that said here are some thoughts

In my Dynasty our scoring format is

QB - 1 pt per 25 yards thrown, 4 pts for a TD thrown
RB - .1 pt per Yard, .2 pt per Rush attempt, 1 pt per reception
WR/TE - .1 pt per yard, 1 pt per reception

We have found this really creates even scoring where a top game from any position is the same vs QB or any other position dominating.

We have a 20 man roster with 4 IR spots, Dynasties are anywhere from 20-30 its up to you how many extra players you want on your roster, we have a 12 team league and I find this does keep waivers relevant each year as there are fill in options and the odd unknown stud that year who starts in FA (think Forsett/Thompson type players).

We set it up that you can trade picks for the upcoming rookie draft and one year after that. Once the rookie draft is done then the next year opens up. So for example right now this years picks for 2017 are moveable, same with 2018 and once the rookie draft is done 2019 picks become moveable.

BTW we start 1 QB - 2 Rb - 3WR - 1TE - 1 flex thats RB/WR/TE a kicker and defense.

For us all trades are final, we encourage pp to research/ask for help however once a trade is done there are no reverses. Any changes must have a 51% or more vote or 6 of 10 in a 10 team or 7 of 12 in a 12 team. During the season changes would have to have a 100% vote.

I like the 3 WR as it forces you to go as deep in WR as you have to with RB finding those ppr type studs.

Up to you in the end but these are some of our settings!

Thanks for the advice! Do you have any roster restrictions/limits?

We don’t no, you can have whatever you like on your bench, no limitations. We also do waivers on the priority scale so that the bottom teams have first crack at waivers since its a long term thing vs them losing out on a potential stud to a top team.

have you ever done a dynasty with a FAAB? did it work well or not?

I haven’t, but I do think its a good competitive system that is more even and fair then Waiver priority system because it doesn’t favor the bottom feeders my only thought is should the lower teams in a dynasty have the advantage because of the long term implications? I would guess the footballers would still say Faab system and honestly I am thinking about proposing it to my dynasty so as I talk about it I would say aim for the Faab, more competitive lol

After a few years in dynasty leagues, it’s definitely one of the most fun formats, especially in the off-season (we’ve already had about 15 trades since the season ended). Of the many different settings, my favorite has become:

full PPR, TE Premium (1.5ppr for TE), .2 points per run, 4pt passing TDs

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 superflex (qb, RB, WR, te)

28 roster spots (24 any positions, no limits; 4 taxi squad spots)

We found that these settings give a good balance between player values at all positions, which makes trading a lot more interesting. Kicker and defenses were eliminated due to their scoring randomness, and because they were never traded.

FAAB system for fairness and competitiveness. Allows everyone to compete every week. Love this so much better than waiver priority.

We trade draft picks 2 years out.

I would recommend avoiding IDP, as it’s a very easy way to overwhelm owners.