Dynasty League Start Up (12 team, .5 PPR, free buy-in

Looking for 11 other active owners to start up/join a dynasty league created by myself. Likely on Yahoo or ESPN

email me if interested @ hmorales1904@yahoo.com

Email sent from pgfilms@msn.com

Super interested! email is ethanragsdale1991@gmail.com

I’m Interested. email ck49464@yahoo.com

I am interested in a dynasty start up.


I’m interested if it’ll be active. I won 3 of my 4 leagues this year and 3rd in the other and also am back to back in my group of friends league

Email is collinbh11@gmail.com

I’m interested in joining. Been looking for a competitive league that actually does things during the season. Let me know if there’s openings

email: mattwong75@yahoo.com

I’m keen! Andrew@rj-a.com

cabellos.renato@hotmail.com - I’m interested

Im very interested!

Interested! Email Ahermandez1997@icloud.com


I’m keen matthenderson83@gmail.com

I’m interested - pachogonzalez@gmail.com

Interested if there are spots let. Let me know.


I might be interested if you guys/gals do it on sleeper. Waiting to hear reply about an orphan team.

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