Dynasty League Start Up Input - Like some veteran Dynasty leaguer advice

Have always wanted to do one and buddy and I are going to start up a 14 team dynasty. Was looking for some advice on scoring, roster config, keeper amount, drafting and such.

Thoughts we are having early:
1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR,1 TE, 2 Flex, D, K
5 player Bench(Dynasty Bench ok at 5 or should be bigger?)

Thoughts on this config is you’d be able to start your strengths be it RB, WR, TE vs just stuck with a cookie cutter line up

QB 4pt TD/Doubled at 50yrds+
1 PT 25 passing yards
Bonus hitting 300yards and 400 yards and 30 completions

RB/WR/TE TD 6pints
Full PPR
6pt TD/Doubles for 50yards+
1 pt 10 yards Rush RB/WR/TE
3 pts every 10 carries
1 pt 7 yards rush QB
1 pt 10 yards Rec for RB/WR
1 PT 7yards rec TE(Give TE some value beyond I have to start 1 mentality)

Just looking for thoughts and input from veteran dynasty owners

I would recommend not starting D or K positions if you are going to have a small dynasty roster - 14. Dynasty rosters are typically 25-30 depending on number of teams. Specifically in terms of D or K, it sucks to start those position and possibly use bench spot during a bye or injury. With larger rosters it more reasonable for each team to hold 1-2 Kickers or Def.

Scoring settings are important to decide before a start up. However I would suggest making these items a priority too:

  1. FAAB - operation and budget, off-season and in-season?
  2. Rookie draft - number of picks, trading, how many years in future are available.
  3. Playoff selections.
  4. League dues - multi-year?
  5. Choosing the site (MFL!)

I was curious about bench size and best league hosting site. So 14 teamer you’d suggest 30 man roster then?

30 is a lot for 14 team. I would suggest 25.

Highly recommend MFL.

Ok appreciate the info. Dynasty just seems like it would be enjoyable compared to redrafting every year