Dynasty League Start-up!

Sup footclan!!! Ive been a long time fantasy player, going on 10 years now. I am a 5 time champ and 3 of those are because of the ballers and foot clan members like you. However, I have always just done redraft leagues. I now kinda wanna try my hand at dynasty. If anyone has a spot open or is also interested please let me know. Seeking experienced and involved players. Please only join/invite me if you plan on staying with it for at least a few years. I’m thinking year round FAB and a buy in between 25-50 bucks with a winner take all prize. I was thinking between 10-12 teams. Let me know if y’all are interested or if someone already has a league that needs a spot filled.


I am interested in joining another dynasty league myself if you are wanting to do a startup. This is also my first year with dynasty but very active and committed.

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I would love to join up if it is on MFL, not auction, and no IDP. Email me if interested corykelley@mac.com

What would you be thinking of for the roster makeup? I agree about MFL, would also do it if it was FleaFlicker (no fees like MFL).

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Interested! I’ve been playing redraft for 6 years, and new to Dynasty. I’ve got a buddy who is about to #jointhefoot , so we’d both join up and are committed to go the long haul.

FAAB sounds good, $25-50 buy-in is reasonable, I’d prefer 12 teams, and are you open to half point ppr (not a done deal, just curious)?

I’m interested in being a part of a first time dynasty league as I’ve not been in one. Been redrafting for years, I’d love to help start and commit to a league


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id be interested. we should do 2-3 commish’s id like to be one of them. im in 1 dynasty league now on MFL

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I’m currently in 2 but I would like to do another one as well. We can use a couple of different ways to draft such as group messaging apps like group me or whatsapp.


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Hey @bjarratt ,

im interested too…let me know if there is a spot open! r.bauer84@gmx.at

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I’m interested for sure grimesr1993@gmail.com

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Sounds like a good opportunity. Only done redraft in the past and want to try dynasty. 5 years experience and 5 top 3 finishes. Let’s go ballers.


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I’d love to join up! Never played FAB, so that would take a slight learning curve, but I’ve played fantasy for years now.

Is this happening?

I’d like to join in if this is happening


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I’d be in for this!

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Hey guys, sorry Ive been kinda slow getting yalls info and stuff, I am finishing up finals for school today, but after thats done Ill send out emails and stuff and gets calls info and we can all start a groupme or email chain of sorts and work everything out. Thanks for your patience and Participation.

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what are the league rules and what platform will you be using?

Hey just wanted to throw my hat in if you have room… thanks

Hey guys! This sounds good to me, I am in several redraft leagues and would like to try my hand at dynasty as well. I have been playing for 5 years and am very involved. Let me know if there is room

I’m also interested in a Dynasty start up. Been doing about 3 redraft leagues a year since 2011 and want to try dynasty. E-mail me at derstaatbinich@gmail.com if you need another player!