Dynasty League Start-up!

I’d also like consideration as well. I’ve been in multiple re-draft leagues for 3 years now. I’m very active in these leagues and would like to join a dynasty league. Please email me at wsmallwood1300@gmail.com if you have space.

I’d love to join! contact me at mathiasraef@gmail.com if you want a Chicago rep in the group.

Hey if there’s still room I’d love to join a dynasty startup. I have only ever played redraft as well but this seems fun! jwcollin@lakeheadu.ca is my email.

Also looking for a first time dynasty league. Very interested in the concept but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to commit to commissioning a new league. If anyone is starting one up and is looking for a serious player give me a heads up!


I am interested in entering a new dynasty league as well. I have been playing FF for over 20 years. I have played in a few keeper leagues but never a full dynasty. Please email me at sirgizmo@gmail.com

Interested if still looking, kevinbowders@gmail.com.