Dynasty League Startup (First time) - Apple iPhone users preferred

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start or join a dynasty league with a group that loves to take things seriously and communicate often. I’d love to be in a league with 10-12 players who love fantasy, love staying active with trades and waivers, and would be down to start an imessage groupchat to make it easier to stay active and get to know eachother (so anyone with green bubbles or people terrified of actually texting with folks you’ve never met, probably not the best option). I’d be happy to commission it to keep things fair and even throughout the year!

Would anyone be down? I was thinking 12 man, .5 PPR dynasty league.

Let me know!


I’d be happy to jump in on this, however I don’t have an iPhone (SHAME, I know lol). I’d be happy to put together Discord server that people could use though. People could communicate on that whether they’re on their computer or phone. Let me know! hauswirth87@gmail.com


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Iphone user is in


send me the details

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iPhone user - in! karagianis@gmail.com

Awesome! I’ll keep a running email list and wait until we get 12 to send out an initial email. So far we’re up to 5!

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I should note that the five include everyone on this thread, plus one more who messaged me. So if you’re on this thread, I added you.

@james_hauswirth we can touch base about how best to communicate, I will send out an initial email. Having an iphone isn’t a must I was just thinking in terms of groupchat convenience lol

If you you still have a spot I’m in.

Slack what i use on all my other leagues . Works really well.


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If there is space avaliable I have an iphone. Email me at wsmallwood1300@gmail.com

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Just added all three of you to the email list. That brings us up to 8 total. Four spots open!


If there is space available email me jordan.whyel1@yahoo.com im forsure in.

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I would be interested zmancubs1@comcast.net

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Added both Jordan and Tzeiger! Up to 11. We have one spot left!

What is the buy-in?

i am in peytin23@gmail.com

Unfortunately the league is full now… @chris_miller you’ll the be first one listed if anyone drops.