Dynasty league startup or join

Hey all, I’ve been playing fantasy for a long time now and looking to join or preferably start a dynasty league anyone interested?

I was think .5 PPR and 10-12 team league. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I want in!!!

I would be in on joining a new dynasty league!

I would be in for a Dynasty league

Im interested in joining a new dynasty league

I’m definitely interested in joining a dynasty startup. sammyblewis@gmail.com

I would be down for a new dynasty - email is bockhop01@gmail.com if you decide to make the league

Sign me up

I’m game just hit me up www.Jt5386@yahoo.com

I’m interested! dat_johnson_boy@yahoo.com

I’m interested if we go full PPR. flippybrb@gmail.com

my email is azachary002@gmail.com

Later I’ll put together an email chain you guys okay using WhatsApp or GroupMe to chat?

Also I am thinking a 25 buck buyin thoughts?

ljhaid@gmail.com my email

I’m in the same boat! Always wanted to invest in a dynasty team. Let me know! Chrismahle@gmail.com

I 100% want in!! Davisbryan82@yahoo.com please please please!!!

I’m down for a dynasty league as well! I’ll stay active all year long. SamKraybill@yahoo.com if you want to shoot an invite!!

I have me plus one

Im interested.