Dynasty league team opening

We have an opening in my second year dynast league. 0.5 ppr. No defense no kicker. Attacked are images of the team and current draft stock. We play on sleeper. If interested first to comment. Please only people who are serious about dynasty. I do not want people leaving every year for no reason


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Lol. I just posted I’m dynasty league free agent in the chat.

Been a commish if my home league for 9 years. Been dying to do a dynasty league but my home buddies were out. Hit me up seymourdrew1115@gmail.com.

I’m a diehard season long fantasy footballer so you don’t need to worry about commitment level. That roster looks like it needs work but I am excited to have an opportunity to show my skills in dynasty.

Sweet I’ll get in contact with you sometime tomorrow. Do you have a sleeper account already?

Yes I do have a sleeper account already. My username on there is K1NGg1rth.

Can you also email me a recap on league rules such as like FAAB, when the rookie draft typically is, buy in, any periods where activity is closed, and anything else I should know about? Thanks!

I’ll DM you on sleeper

I have an opening in one of my leagues going into year 2 if anyone interested. Message me at 8326231875 for more details

I am interested, email me @