Dynasty League trade advice

In a startup 10 team dynasty superflex league. I have drafted QBs Ryan and Carr and there are no other starting QBs left. Been offered a trade…I receive Josh Allen in exchange for Jarvis Landry and my 2020 1st round rookie pick, as well as swapping our 1st round rookie draft positions this year (would put me in 9th position and him in 6th). I like Allen, but is this too high a price?

Too steep imo but depends on where you project your pick will land.

Sounds pricey. I would hold and wait till the rookie draft. I’ve seen Haskins drop to 1.06 in other league.
Either way, that package deal is not going anywhere. You will be able to get Josh Allen at any point if you are willing to give up that value (at least, till the season starts)

Thanks to both of you for the input…my gut told me that the price was too high, but it is my first time playing dynasty and I wanted to get other opinions in case I was missing something.

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