Dynasty league Trade - CMC for Conner and Ridley

I have a trade on the table for my dynasty league. It’s a 10 team league with 25 roster spots per team. I have CMC and someone is offering James Conner and Calvin Ridley. I’m 1-4 in this league and he’s trying to make a run this year. Here’s some of my roster for reference.

RBs - Zeke, CMC, Chris Carson, Dion Lewis, Bilal Powell, D’onta Foreman, Ty Montgomery

WRs - AJ green, Cooper Kupp, Marvin Jones, Golden Tate, John Ross, Courtland Sutton, Antonio Calloway.

I like the idea of Conner taking over next year with bell probably being gone and Ridley has some serious potential. Am I giving up too much though? It’s my first year in a dynasty league and I would hate to blow in in the first year haha. Thanks.

I would take that trade. Conner is a RB1 next year and as good a receiver as CMC. I like a quote I heard on a podcast somewhere…the falcons have been looking for a WR2, they finally found one with Julio Jones lol. Ridley is a beast

I would not take this trade lol. This would be a gross underpay for CMC who is arguably a top 6 dynasty asset this time next year.

Will conner get the job next year? Maybe. It’s not a guarantee. You’re taking on the risk of him taking the job and being pretty average and paying full value as if he is already the starting RB for the rest of this season and next year.

Ridley right now is probably the most overvalued asset on the market and might still be after this week if he breaks a big play vs TB.

CMC is a top 3-4 RB who is still incredibly young. Giving up CMC for 2 overvalued players is a mistake IMO.

How is it a risk? Connor has the job no question. The steelers are not currently using a committee approach. Also Ridleys breakout isn’t unexpected. He’s extremely talented with another talented WR taking all the defense attention.

Regardless of what you think now, nothing is a lock. If they see someone they like next year, you can’t say with 100% certainty they don’t draft someone else better than conner can you? I’m not saying he won’t have the starting job, infact, I think it is likely he will get it, I’m just saying there is still risk. Nothing is for certain in fantasy and football. If I would’ve told you before the season that james white would be better than DJ at this point, you’d say “No way that’s possible”. Football is unpredictable. What GMs do, is even more so.

And Conner has been pretty average outside of his 1st game and last game against a horrible D. 5 game sample size isn’t a 100% guarantee for a job.

As for Ridley, loved the talent coming out of college, thought he would definitely succeed but if you’re telling me you thought he would catch 5 TDs on 8 catches, I’d call BS. And as he showed last week vs a pretty awful Steelers offense, he’s very volatile. He’s not even 2nd in snaps or targets on his own team. I think he’ll be a very good asset in the future, but it doesn’t make sense to pay full value for that right now. If you give up CMC for Ridley + Conner, you’re basically paying for the ceiling of 2 players right now. Not the best strategy when it comes to trading. I think CMC will go back to back with Zeke next year in dynasty start up drafts. Would you have given up Zeke for Conner + Ridley? I wouldn’t personally but that’s just me.

If your argument is nothing is guaranteed then neither is CMC…Connor has the job. Any other team without Bell he would have started right away. 1 bad week doesn’t take away Ridleys work. and if anything the snap count is a positive as it will only get better.

Yeah ofc. CMC isn’t a guarantee either. But I have a full season and 5 games worth of data on him so I feel more comfortable betting on a stud. Regardless of what you yourself think about Conner or even what I think about CMC, you can charge much more than Ridley + Conner for CMC right now. That’s just the reality.

Agree lots of room for Ridley to improve but he will remain capped as long as Sanu is there. Don’t think he overtakes sanu in that role this season. Needs a bit more time. Low snap counts being a good thing is a optimistic way to look at things I guess lol. I’d be more encouraged if it was low snap counts but upwards trend which isn’t the case right now. He’s just fluxing between like 55-65 since week 1.

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really hope you made that trade. may not be able to now

I made the trade today. I think I come out on top in the end. This season might be a wash, but the future of Conner taking over is tantalizing and I wanted Ridley as well. Thanks for the advice.