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Dynasty League Trade. Fair or Not?


i have a trade lined up, it seems like it could be fantastic for me. but its hard to tell since i am new to Dynasty. so here is the low down…

we each have 167 million in budget space, after the draft i currently have 20 million left over. highest in the league thankfully but i know how quick that can go if im not careful. so my roster breaks down like this…

QB: Kirk Cousins / Andy dalton
RB: Bilal Powell / Isaiah Crowell / Kareem Hunt / Samaje Perine / Joe Williams
WR: A.J. Green / Doug Baldwin / Keenan Allen / Julian Edelman / Golden Tate / Ardarius Stewart
TE: Kyle Rudolph / Jason Witten / Jesse James

there are PK and DST, but those dont matter as much. so here is the trade…

i would give up kareem hunt and julian edelman, for their dez bryant. contracts break down like this…

Kareem hunt 4 year deal, 4 mil a year
Julien Edelman 2 year deal, 8 mil a year

Dez Bryant 3 year deal, 25 mil a year

so to take the deal would drop me to 7 million or so in cap space this year. and cost me the potential that kareem hunt has when i am weak at RB. but it does give me trading power with my WRs. and a dynamic starting line up. this is also your basic league. 1 starting QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DST.

so what do you guys think, worth the trade?


If someone gets dropped, do you eat their remaining contract? First thought, to make me ask is that Edelman may be out next year in NE and could be hard to move for 8 million in cap then…


you eat it, if no one picks him up. if someone picks him up (i believe its within 10 days) then they take on his cap.


Next questions, how does Hunt’s salary compare to starting/committee RBs? If he gains a solid role in the KC offense, is he going to be considered cheap next season at that cap hit?
And, whats available at RB on waivers/whats the cap hit on those guys?
I think Dez is the clear better option in a trade of these players straight up but the salary cap provides a really interesting wrinkle here.


see thats where i am stuck. i could snag a darren sproles type off of waivers, but because our benches are so deep its hard to find quality RB through waivers. especially at this point in the season. but to answer your question, without a doubt if he gets that starting role its a huge boon to my cap and offense. average RBs are going for about 12-15 million right now. top end guys are more like 40. (my league is all new guys so bidding went a little crazy). so without a doubt if he is even lets say, a top 20 guy over the next 4 years he is super cheap at 4 mil a year.


While I’m not as high on Hunt as some, I think he will have a role there and can be a productive committee back at least. Before committing to or rejecting this trade you may want to reach out to the Ware owner to see if you can include Hunt in a trade that would yield more value to you, or reach out to the Kelley owner and try to see what he would need for you to protect your Perine investment.

I think Sproles, if cheap is a reasonable depth pick for spot starts - but this may very well be his last year of productivity