Dynasty league. Trade help!

1 qb league
Absolutely stacked on wr
(Julio, tyreek, Deebo, metcalf, mclaurin)
Need rbs
(Chris Carson)

Would you trade mclaurin and the rookie 1.10 for the rookie 1.02

Yes. Very quickly.

If you can get a 2nd or 3rd back as change I like it more.


Definitely. As @jamarcus_allstars states you might get a late throw in as well. If I got the 1.02 in your position, I might also then try to move back to the 1.03-1.04 (still a solid RB pick, especially if someone jumps at a WR) and acquire a 2nd rounder.

In this draft, the 2nd round picks are very useful and undervalued ATM. But that might change sooner than later. But I would definitely make that trade as is if they would not toss in a 2nd/3rd.

I hope this helps!

Great trade if you can get it done.

You may also want to try to move Julio before his value inevitably drops in the upcoming seasons.