Dynasty league trade question! help!

I am in the process of discussing a trade in my dynasty league. Here is where we are right now.

They receive:
Brandin Cooks
Rodney Anderson
DaeSean Hamilton
2020 1st Round pick
2020 2nd Round pick

I receive:
Rashaad Penny
Dede Westbrook
Anthony Miller
2020 5th round pick
2020 6th round pick

Is this a good trade that I should keep pursuing? I offered this trade and they haven’t responded yet.

Cooks is my 3rd WR behind Davante Adams and Adam Thielen. Westbrook would go to my 3WR spot. I have Chris Carson so Penny would be a handcuff.

I dont think it is bad especially considering you’d be locking up the Sea backfield. If it is anytype of PPR league i think Dede will be valuable this year but all three of those guys are somewhat unproven right now. I also feel like you are giving up too much with a know producer like Cooks and the 1st and 2nd for the 2020 class are very valuable. If you took out the draft picks or at least the 1st i’d like it a little more but i feel like you are giving him a great deal

Thank you for your answer! I changed the trade to where I give up two 2nd round picks and i get a 3rd and a 5th. Is that better?

Yeah i think that is much better!

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Awesome, thanks for the advice!