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Dynasty League trade question


Half point PPR Dynasty League. Mike Gillislee and next year’s 1st round pick for DeMarco Murray…and go!


If you’re looking to win now, do it.

If you’re on the bubble I wouldn’t.


The writing on the wall says Demarco will not be as good as he was last year. They have a substantially improved wr group and Henry is a hell of a back up. I would not make the trade in dynasty.

Even if you get second place, by the time you can move Demarco again his value will be half of what it is now.


If I land Murray and he puts up even close to the numbers he did last year then I’m almost certainly looking at a championship. However Gillislee could put up the same numbers and get me there anyway. A lot of uncertainty surrounDS that Patriots backfield. Murray gives me certainty


Offer Mike G and your 1st to everyone else and see if you can’t get yourself someone a little younger than Murray but with the same upside.

Someone might be a Pats fan or is rebuilding.


I was thinking Gurley


That seems like too much for Gurley right now.


I love Gurley right now in dynasty. Just this time last year he was one of the best guys taken and Melvin Gordon had all but fallen off after his 0 touchdown rookie year.

If you can get Gurley in dynasty at that value it would be an upside gamble I would love to take.


I agree with you


So, watch the film on Gurley, I know he had huge hype and was supposed to be the next AP. He isn’t, he is a great open field running, but he can’t create his own opportunities. I feel as though he will be in the 15-24 RB range the rest of his NFL career.

Especially in dynasty I never trade my first round picks. The very best RBs will last 6 years, and the good RBs 2-4. You need those first round picks to fortify the position.

Also last season Henry was more productive per touch than Murray (even in the red zone). All signs this season point to a time share. Could be as mush as 60/40, but I suspect by the end it will be more 70/30. Enough to place him outside of the top 10 potentially.

I would see if I could trade Gilli for Crowell if you want a more long term option at RB. Maybe even Cook, Mixon, or Fournette 1 for 1.


There’s always the boring option of keeping Gilleslie and seeing how his season plays out. I know it’s rough owning Patriots RBs, but Gilleslie becoming the new Blount is certainly in his range of outcomes. Then you could have a low-end RB1 this season. Or, when he inevitably goes off in a single game, his trade value could rise even higher and you wouldn’t need to risk affecting next year’s draft. Assuming you’re in rough shape at the RB position if you’re trading #1 overall next year. What’s your current RB depth?


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


I posted this in another thread, but look at Gillibear’s red zone efficiency. With these metrics, he would only need 35 attempts to hit 16 TDs.

Over the past 5 years the Pats have averaged 175 Red Zone plays and about half of those were rushing attempts. That is about 90 attempts. I had not had faith in Gillibear becoming Blount, but with these numbers he could potentially be better.




Not a bad team at all. A lot of young talent, but I would still keep that 1st rounder.


Yeah, I would personally hold off on this trade. Terrance West, Tevin Coleman and Danny Woodhead are all viable starts for 2017.


Corey Coleman is in there too but he got cut off lol. Yeah I suppose you’re right