Dynasty League trades

So I was offered M. Mack and a 2019 3rd pick for C. Kupp and on my 2019 1st round.
Now I’m thinking of countering with the same players but instead of sending my 1st for his 3rd, I was thinking of sending him a 2nd this year for a 2020 2nd.
My Rbs:
S. Barkley
T. Cohen
J. Jackson
A. Theilen
D. Hamilton
D. Amendola
T. Gabriel
A. Callaway
J. Brown
M. Sanu
C. Conley
So what do think I should do?

What pick is your 2nd this year? I think Kupp for Mack straight up is fair. Although, I prefer the Kupp side.

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I have 3 2nd rds this year and the one I offered my lowest out of the 3 (2nd rd 12th pk). Not willing to give up a 1st for Mack. I like Kupp upside but I do need more depth at RB.