Dynasty: marlon Mack or Aaron jones

Straight up who would u rather take in dynasty?
Another question: marlon Mack and a 2020 first or Aaron jones and a 2020 second

Pretty close for me but I think based on usage, you have to go mack. Which means would definitely take the Mack + 2020 first side.

I agree. This was a hypothetical but wanted to see opinions because it is very close. I have Mack as my rb12 this year because the oline is so good and game script should be in there favor. But I also have AJ as my rb15. The upside for Aj is higher then Mack in my opinion but with 2 mcl sprains in as many seasons he’s more of a risk with that upside.

Side note: also with a new coach curious to see how Aj performs I believe LeFleur like to run a zone scheme and Aj is very good at that.

Also another side note: flip around the picks who do u got then Mack with a second or Aj with a first?

I’d argue the upside for AJ is not higher just because packers will continue to use a committee and coaches have said as such whereas Mack has shown he is being used as a workhorse, coaches have come out and said they intend to use him as such. I love jones, anyone with a brain can see he should be a workhorse but I just don’t trust the coaching staff enough.

And Jones has just as much injury risk as Mack tbh. So that’s a wash for me.

If the picks were flipped, that’s pretty even for me. Honestly a coin flip but if it was a higher 2020 1st, i’d lean the AJ side.

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Ooof this is a tough one… I think Jones has a slightly higher ceiling THIS season, as he’ll be more involved in the passing game IMO. Mack has Hines there to siphon off targets, but did average 40-50% of the teams backfield snaps from week 14-17.

Jones averaged a shade under 40% for his 8 game run as the starter so it’s not like he didn’t have the bulk of his teams snaps.

For the purpose of the question… Mack is the better option for Dynasty, and as a Jones guy… it pains me to say it LOL

Mack and the 2020 first. Im buying all stock in the first round of the 2020 draft. and i think mack and jones are comparable in fantasy value. IMO

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It’s close but I think Mack has more upside if you look at his usage. Actually reminds me of year 1 todd gurley before the breakout. Not as talented but similar story line. Finally getting a good Oline and they colts are committed to him. I actually just took both back to back in a startup dynasty draft as my RB1 and RB2 and feel fine about it.

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Mack is also younger and paired to a QB who isn’t facing a decline in the next couple of years - so I get it. I have them back to back in my own rankings so I won’t argue one over the other other than to have something to talk about in these threads lol

Same here. B2b in my rankings as well. But difference is a got a few WRs in between I’d rather take over AJ so that’s only time it comes into play :stuck_out_tongue:

Got another one for y’all just a hypothetical… would u rather have Brandon cooks or amari Cooper and lets go with half point ppr regular season then which one dynasty wise?

Personally I’m going cooks. He has been consistently underrated year in and year out. He puts up a very solid line every year. Amari on the other hand besides the 3 games of absolute phenomenal production he was below average in the rest. Also im just a hater of dak.

That’s a super tough one. I actually really like both and I think Cooks is undervalued and super disrespected as a player. The man has 4x 1100+ seasons with 3 different teams in 5 years. Not sure what else he needs to do. I don’t think there’s a wrong choice here.

But I am also an amari cooper truther. I’ve faced this decision a couple times and I’ve chosen Cooper every time so far just based on how he is being used in Dallas. I am also pretty high on Dak as a QB. In the stretch of games with Cooper, Dak was a top 5 QB and Cooper was actually WR1 on a PPG basis assuming full ppr. Not saying that will continue but he did that in a year where he changed teams mid season and was asked to adopt a new offensive playbook. That is incredibly difficult to do. The man has been held down by Carr’s incompetence for years and last year, they were deploying him off the LOS which is where he excels (he’s not good against press coverage but when he gets a free release, the man is lethal. He was top 3 in separation per routes run). I am optimistic about another year with Dak and the same team as they figure out how to use him.

Also, Dallas paid a fortune for him so Jones and crew will force feed the man to prove his worth, as we’ve seen. I think Cooper has a higher bust rate than Cooks for sure, but his ceiling is also much higher. If you were to tell me cooper finished top 5 at the position by years end, I would not be shocked at all. I don’t see an outcome where Cooks can do that just primarily due to how many mouths they have to feed in that offense.

I think it also comes down to how you construct your team. If you have some good floors built on by your RBs, I’d also prefer Cooper so he can give you those winning weeks by himself. But if you took risks else where and need someone with a better floor, than Cooks would be your guy.

Value wise though, I think Cooper has more room to grow than Cooks. Both are super young so great dynasty assets to own either way.

I understand going into a offense mid season and learning the playbook and chemistry is not ideal at all… however if u look at the 9 games that cooper was with the cowboys he scored a total of 130fp… 80 of that came in 2 contests. I know u said he can win u some weeks alone and statistically that is very factual however I do have to disagree with the fppg. It’s such a outliar with those 2 games. If we eliminate those 2 games all together from him he has 50fp in 7 games. So this then tells us he realistically averages 7.14fppg. While I think he will average more then that a game myself this year I don’t think he is someone I am willing to take based on stats (even though small sample size)… this is the reasoning for cooks over amari in my opinion. However it is close and I wouldn’t be mad with amari but based on a choice I’m going with a safer floor personally that I know I can plug in and get solid production every week.

A lot of players in that range can be described in the same vein as Cooper… ultra talented but with a history of feast or famine performances…

Cooks on the other hand has been a very consistent contributor, but doesn’t have nearly the same hypothetical ceiling as Cooper does as he has far more competition for looks in that Rams offense.

If I’m gambling, I’m going with Cooper. His talent is undeniable, and he was targeted a healthy amount after his move to Dallas. They did nothing to discourage me from believing he’s their top passing target this year and I expect him to put up WR1 numbers.

Cooks ceiling is as a back end WR1, but his floor is a hell of a lot safer… if I’m looking at him after having already selected a player with risk, then I may opt for the safer fantasy asset.

There’s no right answer, and your hypothetical only provides the smallest of context.

75% of the time I’m going Cooper though.

That’s why I said you should consider your team comp. Fact of the matter is, WRs not named Adams/Nuk/MT/OBJ just have a high bust rate. So for me, it’s about assessing how high the ceiling is for those players who don’t bust. I always hate the “oh if you remove the big games from their performance then they would only be X”. That would be like you going and removing all runs of 40 yards+ by barkley. That is just a part of their game. Cooper can definitely bust and sink you. But when he hits, he explodes. So saying he “realistically” averages 7.14 ppg is non sense. He has shown year over year that he is capable of getting you those 200 yard + multiple TD games. There are very few guys that can do that. Cooper, Hill, JJ, and maybe OBJ. People love Hill but hate on cooper. In terms of assessing talent, Cooper is actually a better and more complete receiver than Hill and was doing it with less at QB. I could only imagine what Cooper could’ve done with Mahomes. Dak is no mahomes but I’ll take him over Carr all day in an offense that highlights him.

The other thing I consider when deciding between players is try and figure out who has the highest chance to appreciate in value. In my eyes, that’s cooper. Think he’s a better trade chip I can use versus cooks later on down the line as a true WR1.

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