Dynasty MEGA Trade

12 team 1/2 PPR
Give Hopkins, Dalvin Cook, Hunter Henry
Get Brown, 1.02, (DT or Tate) Engram

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I’d rather have Hopkins, Cook and Henry. Hopkins has a longer shelf life than Brown, and Cook already has an established role (vs an uncertain 1.02 pick). And to me Henry and Engram are about the same, so that doesn’t move the needle for me either!

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i think he is getting 2 WR in Brown and then either DT or tate? am i understanding that correctly. If thats true the value is prob pretty close it depends on 2 things imo. 1st are you good enough at RB to lose Cook, b/c even if you draft a rookie RB there are no sure things if you absolutely love one of the Rookies then that may change things. 2nd thing is how many WRs do you need to play in a 2 WR league i wouldnt do this trade something to think about is the gap between top RBs and lower RBs is more then WRs Example: Last year the #1 RB hit 393 #2 hit 343 vs 159 for the 25th for WRs #1 hit 324 and the #25 hit 187. Thats in full point PPR but this trend has happened for years plus the fact that Wrs tend to go Up and Down at least in the WR2 range you can get good production w/o having 2 of the stud Wrs.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of what you’re giving than what your getting. The only intriguing part is the 1.2 pick because that could sway the outcome based on the best RB available to replace Cook. Not a terrible trade because both parties walk away with good players.

Hopkins is worth more than Brown in dynasty

Hopkins, cook, Henry. For sure.

In dynasty:

On paper, its pretty even; although, I wouldn’t do it because of the unknown of the 1.02. If it was the 1.01 and DT/Tate were not an option, I’d do it. You’re giving up similar, or better, talent but getting much older.

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im also on the hopkins/cook/hunter side!

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Hopkins side by far