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Dynasty : Melvin Gordon + 2nd for Murray Henry combo


Received an offer:
My D. Murray + D. Henry
For Melvin Gordon + 2018 2nd


I’ll take the Gordon side. Gordon is THE man for the Chargers and a 2nd round is just gravy. Not that I don’t like Murray/Henry, but they play for the same team and essentially you are only taking one player, unless you plan to start them both


I would also prefer the Gordon side just because you get that added pick for next year. If murray plays the full season as the guy in TEN i dont think his numbers will be much higher than Gordons if at all. The chargers have bought into Gordon by trading woodhead. Id make the move.


yeah lock me in for it too. i get a younger guy than demarco, a more proven guy than henry, and a 2nd rounder next year. and its not like gordon is a bad runner. dude just had a bad O line which is something they have addressed. and even with that bad O line he was still putting up comparable numbers to demarco. the only thing i miss, is that i wouldnt have the titans backfield locked up for the next 8 years. but at least you basically get the chargers backfield locked up.


I simply don’t understand the Henry hype. Murray is contracted with the Titans until 2020. From now until then it will be a time share.

You will give up a questionable situation for a sure 4-5 season starter and can probably pick up another Henry in 2018. I’d take it and enjoy.