Dynasty mixon for Carson and gaskin?

Should I trade Carson and gaskin for mixon in a dynasty league ?

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Howdy and welcome!

I’d make it if you already have extra depth at RB. That is, moving these two will leave you thinner and with how much RBs get beat up, it’s rough losing good pieces.

While I’m not a huge Mixon guy, and I love Carson, I’d make the trade. Carson is very likely moving on and Gaskin is no sure thing despite looking good. Mixon ought to be locked in to a role for a few years. I’d probably make the trade, but see if you can get a small something kicked in. Like a 3rd or 4th? Just a thought. Maybe adding in your 4th to get their 3rd?

But I’d not let that hold it up. If you can survive losing depth it looks like a potentially good trade. Not one I would sprint to accept but it is not bad.