Dynasty Mock Draft Grade

Start up 12 team PPR Dynasty league mock at the 7th spot

1.7 Derrick Henry
2.6 Calvin Ridley
3.7 Terry McLaurin
4.6 David Montgomery
5.7 Julio Jones
6.6 Jerry Jeudy
7.7 Courtland Sutton
8.6 Mike Davis
9.7 Trey Lance
10.6 Henry Ruggs
11.7 Mike Williams
12.6 Tom Brady
13.7 Antonio Brown
14.6 Rob Gronkowski
15.7 Blake Jarwin
16.6 Jared Cook
17.7 Buccs D
18.6 Russell Gage
19.7 O.J. Howard
20.6 Darrell Williams
21.7 Tevin Coleman
22.6 Tyler Johnson

I’m really liking the 7th spot. Any players that are waste of a pick? Any player I should be going after late?

I like that you haven’t focused totally on potential and brought in some immediate help in middle rounds. I do feel that you might have too many short term answers like Mike Davis, Gronk and AB.

I feel that 2021 they’ll have a role for you, Davis in particular and at round 8 it’s value you can’t knock back but I fear 2022 that they will be guys on a roster with names but no real purpose. But that is rookie draft solutions and they’re late enough picks that you’re not relying on them long term.

Later rounds I would focus on some of the more dart throw rookie rbs like javian Hawkins and rhamondre Stevenson. I think your roster is a bit too safe and you’ll need a couple of guys that might miss but could be impact players for you if things fall right.

Overall though I like what you’re doing with get elite rb and surround with wr in or entering primes.

Thanks for the advice! Ya depending on how the draft goes really makes or break my look toward the future. Like if Akers or Dobbins is there in the second I’ll go for those guys. I lean towards getting a lot of RBs in the first 3 rounds. I probably need to go after players like Ceedee Lamb or Juedy more. My idea of getting more immediate RBs is the shelf life is so short and it seems like every year there’s at least a couple RBs coming in to take over that I’d rather have someone that is more dependable right now and deal with the future later. It’s also a 2 flex league so I plan to have a small amount of highly productive RBs to fill the RB spot and a ton of WRs to fill the WR and the Flex spot. I do definitely need to grab more RBs though.