Dynasty Newbie advice

Hi all, I have recently joined a Dynasty startup and drafting from the #10 spot. It’s 0.5 ppr and the draft has moved into round 2. I wondered if you had any advice for a general strategy. My aim is to be competitive right off the bat and this is how it has shaken up so far:

Outside of Thomas, Hopkins and Mahomes the rest selected prior to my pick have been RB’s. In the first two rounds I have gone WR WR with T.Hill and D.Adams.

I’ll keep the thread going because generally, I am after advice (being new to this and all). Any general advice on when to take TE/QB’s? I.E if Lamar is sitting in the 3rd would that be a good idea?

Thanks ballers

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Like the guys always say. Stay fluid and adjust your strategy to team needs. Based off you going WR, WR, I would say take a couple of RBs next two rounds. After that, just take who you think will add value to your team and have a chance to be around a little while.

Are the rookie and vet drafts separate?

Lamar in the third is fine. With dynasty start ups, I’m usually always just trying to take the best player available. Don’t worry about positions, or trying to fill your starting line up.

So I’m down in RD 3. It’s a 2TE, 4WR, 2FLEX league.

I already have Adams and Hill. Thoughts on strategy from this point?

My guy was to lean toward a RB but still some good WR & Mark Andrews is sitting there (who’s a difference maker).

I’ve attached who’s available. Thanks

I’m taking Mike Evans.

I went with Evans in the end, then reached a bit and took Mark Andrews, then a run of QB’s went off the board. I’m actually fairly comfortable in taking an older QB later on.