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Dynasty Newbie, Auction Startup Completed, How did I do?


Bonjour #Footclan!

In addition to our Redraft our league is setting up a Dynasty.
The league format currently is:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 D/ST
7 Bench

We are doing are startup in an live Auction format 200$ budget.
Next year we will do a rookie draft after the NFL draft. Normal Rookie drafting, which will allow for trading picks etc.

How should I go about preparing for an Auction Dynasty draft? I have the UDK, but I’m aware that it mostly useful for redraft leagues. I’m thinking of going for a healthy balance between Veterans and Young players.
Are there any general dynasty strategies that are blaringly different compared to redraft leagues? Most people I see usually draft 2QBs? I’m guessing streaming QBs isn’t as viable in Dynasty.

I was thinking of targeting a young franchise QB like Luck (assuming his shoulder recovery is promising) so I wouldn’t have to worry about the position at all in the next few years. But is it worth it considering I’ll most likely have to overpay for him?

Any help/advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks from Ireland!


Seems like a really small roster size for a dynasty league, so I wonder if you’d be able to stream quarterbacks. Just take what the draft gives you of course, but you got the right idea people usually undervalue the veterans.
Check out some strategy ideas, articles on the site, like the Auction Draft Nomination strategy. My advice, which I’m telling myself too is to be patient. David Johnson or Julio Jones, or Rodgers will cost you a lot to acquire. And if you get one of those guys it may get really tight for you later in the draft.
You can do auction mock drafts at Fantasy Pros or ESPN. And try different strategies. Such as getting Johnson and Julio, and see how good the rest of you’re team will be…or passing on tier 1 players getting several tier 2 and tier 3 players, and try to balance that out to what would be an optimal team.
Would love to see the results, hope you do well!


Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it! The league discussed during the week and we removed D/ST and increased the bench size. An auction dynasty startup was really good fun, but also incredibly stressful! Can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s the team I ended up with:

QB: Dalton, Prescott
RB: Freeman, Abdullah, Forte, Riddick, Smash Jackson, Burkhead, Joe Williams
WR: Green, Robinson, Marshall, Hill, Thielen, Anderson, Britt
TE: Gates, Ebron, Gathers
K: Lutz

I feel like I should go for it and compete this year? I’m worried if Abdullah doesn’t take off I could be struggling for solid RB2 production.