Dynasty N'keal harry!

Is anyone thinking of the buy low opertubity in N’keal? Have the option to trade fant for him…in a superflex .5 ppr. I have a solid team at the moment. Just looking for depth at wr.

Here’s how I look at it.
Fant is an awesome up and coming rookie. He flashed last year and should make good strides in year two. However, Denver drafted a lot of other weapons as well. Including another TE in the 3rd. Soooo it makes me question what they think of Fant.

Harry was hyped coming out for a reason. His rookie year was derailed by injuries and when he got on the field, he didn’t exactly live up to the expectations of fantasy owners. He never truly gained the trust of QB Tom Brady. I think Harry is in a problematic situation at the moment. It is still unknown who the Pats starting QB will be in the fall, and will the connection between that QB and Harry be better than what he had with Brady? In my eyes, he should be on the field more, opposite/outside of Julian Edleman.

This is a tough spot, but if you need the WR depth and you have other TEs to fill that void, I’d pull the trigger, Harry has a pretty clear path to WR1 on that team if he can produce this year since JE is getting older.

I agree with @joeyspringer1 here. If I had the TE depth I would pull the trigger, but Fant is a talented prospect. It seems like a fair deal to me with the difference just being position of need. I’m super high on Harry and not as high (not down, though) on Fant, so if I had the TE depth I wouldn’t hesitate to do it if it were me.

Fant will be a borderline top 6-7 TE this year, I am a pats fan and expect big things from Harry this year as WR2 but tempered my expectations to 4-5 TDS and 800 yards Max, due to healthier Sanu and Edelman (I will be drafting in August and looking out to see what role in the offense Meyers will play could be a gem back end of the draft.) Lee will be a more consistent Dorsett won’t have many huge games But could be good for 50 yards receiving per game.

Lol Dorrset doesn’t even play for the Pats anymore man. He’s a Seahawk now.:joy::joy::joy:

Also a healthy Harry is better than an old Sanu. Harry should be the 2 on that team this year only behind JE. If he’s not he will likely be considered a bust in the fantasy world. Especially with the draft capital that came with him in the NFL draft and in fantasy drafts…

I know Dorsett is a now a seahawk signed early March, Lee will take his role in the offense this year, being WR3A/B between Meyers and Lee. Jeff Thomas and Hastings hopefully get 20+ minimum snaps under special schemes.