Dynasty Noob

Best player available or plug holes? First dynasty league and first rookie draft here.

It depends on the position I wouldnt try to fill a hole at Tight end. Other than that filling holes at Running Back are going to be a common occurrence over your dynasty career. As for WRs you are going to want the best you can possibly get. They have a long shelf life. If you get a top end RB they might have good production for 3-4 years, anything above that is lucky. A top end WR might get good production for 6-7 years.

What does your current roster look like? What is your draft position?

Drafting first, thinking swift as best available, but RB is probably my best position.

RB - Zeke, D Johnson, Montgomery, Carson, j Williams, Petersen, R Freeman, Ro. Jones

WR - DJax, Diggs, Cooks, K Allen, M Goodwin, T Sharpe.

TE - Waller, andrews, Gisicki

QB - Tannehill, Goff, Ryan

Qb, 2 rb, 3wr, TE, 2 flex, DEF

Others smaller pieces on bench and in taxi, but those are the mains

Also traded around and have 2 2nd’s and 2 4th’s in a 5 rnd draft.

Only 8 team league

W your RBs looking fairly solid, I’d take JJ #1 and then since it’s only 8 teams, wait for the turn and snag an rb
Wrs have a longer shelf life than RBs