Dynasty OBJ and Evans Trade

Dynasty 12 team full Point PPR

Give up: Evans, Fournette, Mike Williams
Receive: OBJ, Pick 1.05, Mark Ingram

I already have pick 1.03. From various trade talks i think the draft will go Barkley, DJ Moore. Which would leave Penny or Freeman for me at 1.03. I know if i don’t take Penny at 1.03 he will be taken at 1.04.


Would be setting yourself up nice with 2 rookies and obj. I think i would have to take it.

It’s deinitely close. Considering rookie rankings have been shuffled due to injury and preseason performances you could get some good guys. Personally I think what you have is still legit. Mike Williams will turn into Mike Evans west as far as I’m concerned. Leo is a beast as we all know. I think just go with your gut on this one

This is a pretty close trade, even for me as the #1 OBJ fan.

Depends a bit on your team and how competitive you are this year. I’m assuming your competitive given he’s offering you ingram but he’s basically a 1-2 year rental. Would be better if you could get back someone young in that trade.

Or alternatively, just cut out the ingram and williams component of the trade. I would like that way more.