Dynasty OBJ, Kamara, or Bell +1st

Dynasty, full PPR, would you rather have:
Bell and another 2019 1st round pick?

OBJ… This is not even remotely close.

OBJ is 1.01 in any format, nuk a close 2nd.

Agreed with Mike

In a dynasty I would prefer Johnson over Bell and Kamara as well.

The argument for going Hopkins is the hope that he will have QB consistency where OBJ will be moving from Eli very soon.

Depending on how you feel about that, I think you have to go OBJ or Hop.

I’m not sure that moving on from Eli is a bad thing for OBJ…

Agreed, he isn’t great. It’s the next QB I’m worried about. They at least have a good rapport and know each other. The next QB could be worse…yikes.

OBJ will get his no matter what, but they haven’t made a backup plan yet. Is it Nassib behind Eli…?

They have another 2-3 years with Eli guys. Settle down. Trying to plan beyond that is foolish.

OBJ also made Eli, not the other way around. He’ll make the next guy too.

There’s certain guys in the league who make the career of the QBs. AJ Green, OBJ, JJ, Steve Smith back in the day. They will eat no matter what.

Take OBJ comfortably every time knowing he is a generational talent.

I suppose we could say the same thing about Hopkins given his production with incredibly terrible quarterback play. Which should be much better if Watson is even a fraction as good has he has started.

I’m just saying that hopkins and watson are set up for a long ride right now where in NY we don’t know exactly. He also doesn’t have the same injury history.

You really can’t go wrong in general, but there are certain check marks that Hopkins gets and OBJ doesn’t.

There’s also another certain check that Hopkins doesn’t. OBJ is more talented, by a wide margin. A much better route runner as well. And I don’t understand the whole Watson hype yet. If you actually go to rotovizz and do the splits for Hopkins with and without Watson, he actually did just as good or maybe better without hopkins. Cause bad QBs lock into and target him.

Hopkins is QB proof, so is OBJ. I don’t try and predict injury much so that doesn’t play into my decision at all unless its a player like Jeffrey or something.

Either way, I love them both and you can’t go wrong with either. But to put it in your terms, OBJ checks more boxes than Hopkins for me.