Dynasty offer for Melvin Gordan

I was offered Beckham, Lamar Miller the 2019 1st overall pick and a 2019 2nd late 2nd round.

I would have to give up Melvin Gordon and Kenny Golladay.

If I did this I would Beckham and Tyreek Hill and a bunch of tier 2/3 rbs. But 3 2019 1st round picks. Intrigued but hestant because of my rb situation.

Assume this is dynasty?

If so, remind me when you have to set a starting lineup? Unless you play in some sort of off-season league it’s likely 7 months away…

Trade in the off-season for value. I pay zero attention to positions. In this case I am def making this trade.

Miller + 2019 1.01 > Golladay
2019 2nd is bonus

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It sucks to lose Gordon but you are getting really good value. You can always make another trade to get another rb. I would do it.

I’m staying if I’m you… I gave up CMC and 2 picks at last year’s rookie draft to get Gordon, and I regret nothing! Besides that, Golliday is gonna be the 1 on that team this year, I’d stay with what you have. OBJ is very tempting, but I’d stay put

I am a huge fan of both Gordon and Golladay so I wouldn’t do this trade but that’s really hard for me to say cause I like the picks you’d get… I wouldn’t be thrilled with OBJ so long as Eli is throwing it to him and I’d be upset with Lamar Miller if the Texans give D’Onta Foreman the reigns or go and get a big name free agent…

To each, their own…

But this is a dynasty question. I can’t choose RB over WR in the long term.

How many productive seasons does Gordon have? He’ll be 26 and 4 months old at the start of the 2019 season.

How many productive seasons does OBJ have? He’ll be 26 and 10 months at start of the 2019 season. Eli does not impact my decision on OBJ at all. He’s a variable yes…but not a constant. As evidence the current consensus has the G-men drafting a QB this year.