Dynasty offer

Hey guys,
Need your advice got a trade offer in my dynasty league .5 PPR.

Should I trade David Johnson and dj Moore for Jordan Howard and ty hilton?

Other offer is David Johnson and next years first rounder for Howard and Hilton

What do you guys think?
Thank you.

Hard pass. Not worth it to me.

Def not. DJ is a 1st round startup pick. You should be getting a boat load for him. Howard and Hilton’s values are depressed right now (maybe tipping up). However you should be getting them at a discount.

no. i wouldnt do this. DJ and… well DJ are more valuable to me than howard and hilton. if hilton was a few years younger and luck was healthy as he was 3 years ago, im considering it. but even then im still saying no because i have a top 5, number 1 potential RB, and a young stud WR on a very good offense.

No way. Tbh, I’d probably take DJ over Howard, Hilton, Moore and a 2019 first.

Okay I love DJ as much as the next guy, but unless i am like absolute lock for championship, this is a bit too aggressive for me. I would probably take that trade.

Apparently you don’t love him as much as the next guy, if the next guy is me :slight_smile:

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