Dynasty offseason questions

This is my first offseason as a dynasty commish and I’m trying to keep the offseason active, so any feedback would be appreciated!

  • Should I still use a FAAB system in the offseason or should all players be free agents?
  • When is a good time to make the roster cuts and set keepers?
  • Is there any benefit to holding the rookie draft early in the offseason or should I have the draft closer to the start of the season?

You will find that activity really is hard to keep up without a bunch of off season activities. For instance i have RFA, FA Auction, contract extension periods, and rookie drafts, but when these things dont happen 50% of the league will only log in every other week, 25% will log in weekly, 15% will log in daily, and then 10% will log in once a month.

I would only use FAAB for your waivers. Have FAAB for off season and reset the FAAB for regular season.

My leagues are dynasty so we dont make roster cuts or set keepers, but i run RFA for 2 weeks in march and FA auction for 2 weeks in April.

Our rookie draft always starts the 2nd weekend of august.

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great thank you!