Dynasty offseason trade

Sup y’all,

Was offered OBJ, Waller, and Asiasi


Hooper, A.Cooper, and Ingram

Personally I think Waller > Hooper, but Cooper > Beckham. Ingrams not worth much rn being at end of career plus dobbins pick and Gus bus. Newton liked to throw to the TE and asiasi being a third round pick gives a little confidence he might be used.

I also thought about countering that instead of Asiasi, a 2nd round 2021 draft pick?


The trade is even enough in terms of value. But I easily prefer the Hooper, Cooper, and Ingram side.

Hooper is 2 years younger then Waller. Cooper is 1.5+ years younger than OBJ and on a better offence. Ingram easily caries more value than Asiasi.

Take Ingram and Asiasi out of the trade and I may prefer OBJ/Waller based on value. Hooper is severely under valued right now based on the move in free agency.

This is pretty even, but I lean towards the Ingram side instead, unless you do get the 2nd Round pick instead of Asiasi. If they do a 3rd round with Asiasi, I would consider that as well.