Dynasty openings?

I am a committed team owner looking for a Dynasty league to join also open to taking over an existing team

@draftedaturd … I saw you other post… Here we have another possible owner for our startup dynasty league. If we can find other 7 guys, i believe we can get it done. What do you guys think?

I’m open to it

@joe_lieve … Hey, Joe! I saw you were interested in starting up a dynasty league. Here we have some potential owners to start a league… Interested?

Count me in to.

i’ve got 2 others very interested too from my redraft league. That would be 3 of us

I’m looking for a dynasty league too, I’d be in

Im super keen to join a dynasty league and would be extremely committed! Let me know if any openings…

im not really looking to start up a league, I just want to get in a league

I believe we have 9 people right now with at least one more person we would have enough to get something started if there is anyone who you know who might be interested let them know so that we can try to get this thing going

Hi I would be interested in joining as well: samirprinja@yahoo.com

Me too! Let me know!

Id like to get in on it! drileysoftball@gmail.com
still an open spot?

Well… with the last 3 people who posted, we need 1 more guy so we can start a 12-team league and that’s it. You guys agree? We gotta determine in which platform should we create the league… I’m used to NFL.com, but if you guys prefer, it could be ESPN or Yahoo, or even another one. The only issue is that dont know how to use those sites, so i wouldnt be able to create the league.

If you’re looking for 1 more guy I have been listening to the FFBallers for over a year now and want to join a Dynasty! chdthompsn@aol.com

Let me know!

If everyone is on board, i believe we have a dynasty league, guys!!!

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Do we have a commissioner / league settings setup?

Not yet… We were just trying to gather a group so we could start a league with at least 10 teams. Now we have 12, so i think we can choose a platform and createe a league, then determine the settings and stuff.

Anyone wants to be the comissioner?

Never been one before, but if it’s necessary, i can give it a try.

I’ve never been commissioner for Dynasty but am for re-draft and would be open to it as well. I’ll leave it up to the group.

My thoughts would be

Both the Veteran Draft and Rookie Draft will take place after the NFL Draft. The Veteran Draft will be random order with the Rookie Draft being the reverse order of the Veteran Draft. Both will be a snake draft. I would also love to try Waiver Wire $ as opposed to worst team gets first pick, etc.


I like it. I’m on board with the roster, draft and I’d also like to try FAB.

Half-PPR scoring?